Flower Walls & Backdrops


Ava Wall

Our stunning silk white rose flower wall is captivating and elegant. The subtle variances in the bloom sizes and the softness of the petals lend a delicate texture that is both visually stunning and touchably inviting. The uniformity of the color emphasizes a clean, sophisticated aesthetic, making it an ideal backdrop for elegant bridal events, luxury fashion shows, or any setting that desires a backdrop with a breath of graceful tranquility.


Boxwood Wall

The boxwood wall is a lush and verdant backdrop that exudes a fresh, garden-inspired vibe. Our faux green wall can stand alone for a fresh modern look or can be customized with floral accents to create a more luxurious, couture boxwood backdrop. The boxwood wall is a versatile and beautiful addition to any event.



The Giuliana is an ultra 5D flower wall with an exquisite array of roses, hydrangeas and peonies in full bloom. A romantic tapestry of soft pinks, yellows, creamy whites and deep plums, this backdrop is the epitome of elegance and sophistication.


Rainforest Wall

Transform your event into a tropical paradise with our ultra 5D rainforest wall. This fun and fabulous wall consists of densely packed banana leaves, tropical palm leaves, fern, tropical fauna with pops of fuchsia orchids, bird of paradise and hibiscus.


Rustic Wall

A tribute to timeless sophistication. Crafted from rich, reclaimed wood with a story in every grain, this backdrop brings a warm, organic touch to your events.



The Scarlet Wall is a striking and passionate backdrop, a sea of red roses in full bloom, creating an atmosphere of romance and drama. The vibrant scarlet tones of the roses are rich and deep, suggesting the intensity and fervor of timeless love. Each rose, from buds to full blossoms, is placed to form a lavish and dense floral display, with varying shades from bright crimson to dark ruby adding depth and complexity to the arrangement. This backdrop serves as an exquisite statement piece, ideal for events that desire to make a bold and heartfelt statement, as well as for photography that aims to capture the essence of ardor and elegance.


Sofia Wall

The Sofia Wall, an opulent ultra 3D flower wall bursting with blush, pink and mauve roses, hydrangea and peonies. Each bloom fully opened to reveal velvety petals that seem to whisper tales of love and elegance. The Sofia Wall is a masterpiece of floral design, offering an air of classical beauty and timeless charm, making it an impeccable choice for any event.